LAGO Accessori is a prominent and respected producer of truck and trailer accessories such as trailer mounted equipment cases, tool boxes, mudguards, extinguisher cabinet/cases. Involvement in the multiple facets of its principal market, starting from design and development and ranging all the way through Original Equipment manufacturing and aftermarket supply, has helped LAGO develop an unparalleled competence in interpreting latent market needs, and translating them into unique product propositions which lead the way of this sector. The ability to give every detail the attention it deserves, yet maintain a firm grip on the overall context of any one given product proposition has become a fundamental guiding principle in the LAGO corporate philosophy.


Our story begins after the Second World War. At that time the skilled hands of the founder Giovanni were fully versed in the trade of body work. In the early 90’s, entry into the company of Giovanni’s sons Fabio and Roberto leads to the founding of Lago Accessori as we know it. The spirit and inclination to innovate did not change, and the horizons of the business were expanded to encompass new market scenarios. Here are the stages of a 25 years journey which is still unfolding and constantly evolving.
  • 1992

    The generaTional shifT:

    Fabio and Roberto accept the challenge launched by their father Giovanni, who with foresight passes the helm of a precious heritage made of experi-ence and work culture. Lago Accessori’s activity starts, and the voyage con-tinues. Or is it simply a new departure?

  • 1996

    The inTroducTion of new Technologies:

    in addition to traditional metal processing, the company adds the thermo-plastic material transformation capabilities to its portfolio, seizing the first signals of change from the industrial vehicle body market. Rotational mould-ing is introduced, shortly followed by injection moulding, decisively expand-ing the company experience, the technology potential and the product range well beyond any foreseeable expectation.

  • 2005


    driven by a constant and tenacious willingness for optimization, the compa-ny chooses to replace the manual rotational technology with fully automated processing. The company does not skimp on investments in favour of qual-ity and efficiency, both of which soon reach levels which are worthy of an increasingly sophisticated and demanding market

  • 2006

    The new corporaTe idenTiTy:

    with this corporate ID review the company sets out on a new approach to communication by refining common and distinctive design guidelines for product and communication alike. All such efforts aim at giving our market a coordinated, recognizable and coherent image, and to breeding a family feeling which involves materials, design and great attention to detail.

  • 2008


    the first device voted to protecting fleets against the perils of fuel theft. This is indeed a turning point in that it involves the approach to a new target of customers, bringing new knowledge in marketing, design, development and production processes, thus converging with the broad and exciting themes of telematics and the Internet of things.

  • 2009


    in order to ensure better service levels and an effective coverage of the Italian market, Aaister is founded. This is a company with distinct commercial and distribution attitudes, able to manage a complex and fragmented supply chain through a capillary sales network, and supported by a team of experienced and competent agents.

  • 2010

    Towards oem:

    the aim of influencing the choices of the most important international play-ers, in a time of market downturn, highlights the undeniable opportunity to initiate new collaborations. For this reason the company vision is projected beyond the spare parts market, opening itself to new experiences in the design of product solutions as required by major trailer manufacturers, thus developing the service based culture which such an approach implies

  • 2012


    establishment of the business unit which is projected into the future. Gen-esis stems from an increasing awareness of the new market needs and the growing need to increase transport operations efficiency, starting from the increasingly valuable asset of fuel. Genesis becomes the nexus of ideas and projects with higher technological content, for the development of unique systems in terms of completeness and performance.

  • 2013

    lago do Brasil:

    the Group’s expansion continues with the establishment of a production plant in southern Brazil, in order to better serve a market with great potential such as the South American one.

  • 2016

    inTo The fuTure:

    an internal reorganisation is initiated through the application of Lean methods in thinking and process, aimed at improving efficiency. To be prepared and ready for the challenges of a future which is already taking place, to increase flexibility, to refine punctuality and dynamism in planning and operating pro-cedures is an urgent need, and we’re working on it!

  • 2017

    25 years on the road

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