LAGO Accessori established in 1992. It all began at the end of the 50’s when Giovanni Lago started a bodyshop dedicated to the repairing and restoration of old military trucks.

As time past, this young company started fabricating proprietary spare parts mainly metal mudguards), which they then started trading on the local market.

Due to the increasing demand, body work became a secondary concern, leaving the way to a production facility which in the 90’s became Lago Accessori as we know it.

A well targeted investment strategy, combined with careful selection of each product they brought to market, allowed LAGO Accessori to consolidate their position as one of Europe’s market leader of the industry of spare parts and accessories for industrial vehicles.


The business philosophy of Lago Accessori is based on these four milestones and it has led to the creation of exclusive products such as Kompos-it, the new multi-purpose and modular box with electronically controlled opening system, supplied in kit form, or the Vertigo tool box, the first with magnetic lever locks and two tone color scheme. All products are designed, developed and manufactured at the original headquarters based in Fontaniva (North-Eastern Italy, 60 km West from Venice).

LAGO Accessori exports 75% of it’s production to 40 different countries, with a constant upward trend in turnover and number of markets served, consolidating it’s position as a truly international brand. LAGO do BRASIL, a production unit operating in Caxias in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, was founded in 2013 in order to meet the growing demand of South American markets in a competitive manner and with a logistical advantage.

With the declared intent of improving its distribution network and a commitment to offering a constantly efficient and up-to-date service to an increasing client base, LAGO Accessori is establishing independent and autonomous commercial entities such as the italian firm Aaister, which is operational since 2009.

LAGO GENESIS: The future is now, and LAGO Accessori is ready to tackle things to come through LAGO GENESIS, a concept line of state of the art products which addresses new needs through leading edge applied innovation and technology. Lago Genesis debuts through the futuristic KOCKÒN series, the best performing and most advanced fuel anti-theft devices.

The next significant step forward entails the inevitable integration of electronics, now found in ZIPPER and FLEET REPORTER which, together form an integrated system of global protection and control of fuel: complete protection against the now widespread phenomenon of diesel theft.

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