Copolymer Polypropylene Compounded | Colour: black (UV stabilized)

: a vast choice of options yields configurations which are suited to transportation of ADR and load security equipment, tools and more.
COMFORT: thanks to the dedicated isothermal module, it’s possible to set up your own traveling kitchen.

Six basic elements to be easily and quickly assembled by means of simple interlocking snaps.
60% volume reduction (transport and stock).
Each single module is specifically designed for its function in the assembly:

  • the bottom module is well structured for loading
  • the lateral parts are well structured to bear the brackets

Fully integrated lid
Manual opening equipped of key lock and lock cover

Kompos-it is lab and road tested with 60 kg distributed load using dedicated mounting hardware produced on specification by LAGO.
Use of such dedicated mounting hardware is compulsory to ensure optimum product performance.

Code Description A B C Kg max load (kg)* std packaging
80 60 62 115.0100 KIT KOMPOS-IT manual opening doorstop chain set installed 1200 600 650 25 60
12 pcs
80 60 62 095.0100 KIT KOMPOS-IT manual opening doorstop chain set installed 1000 600 650 20 50
12 pcs

*Indicated value is the maximum suggested distributed load using the dedicated LAGO support brackets
All dimensions are in mm

    Isothermal unit: strong isothermal unit equipped with its own lid can be opened independently to optimize efficiency
    Provided in kit form to reduce volume during transport.
    Can be used as stand alone unit designed for use with standard ice packs

  • Vertical and horizontal dividers
  • Worktop applicable on the inner side of the door
  • Drawers
  • Led lighting

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