LAGO’s projection towards new markets has been strategically supported by the establishment of complementary business entities: AAISTER, LagoGENESIS and LAGO do Brasil. A focused HR policy has allowed us to turn a family company into a modern industrial group.

    Being aware and able to respond are the two main guidelines we have followed in order to become a Group capable of dealing with requests from near and far, present and future.


    Nothing is left to chance with AAISTER: our custom made brand for the distribution in Italy.
    The entire LAGO range matched with complementary products from the best brands provide a comprehensive offering aimed at body shops and accessory retailers. For a consistently first-class service and expert advice, put your trust in those who know the sector inside out!

    This is a company with distinct commercial and distribution attitudes. Able managers of a complex and fragmented supply chain and a capillary sales network, Aaister is supported by a team of experienced and competent sales agents.


    LagoGENESIS is the laboratory and technological heart of the group: a futuristic workshop where new ideas take shape and develop into advanced solutions to protect your fuel tank, together with sophisticated and evolved monitoring systems.

    LagoGENESIS melds simplicity with effectiveness into sustainable solutions voted to protect and manage fuel by concentrating all value where it truly makes a difference.

  • LAGO do Brasil

    LAGO do Brasil is a production and distribution business entity; located in one of the most industrialised areas of Southern Brasil. LDB produces accessories and components for the truck and trailer market which are fully designed and developed in close co-operation with LAGO research and development.

    The team engineers solutions which focus on the local specific needs, leveraging know how which stems from a long Made in Italy experience.

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